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What are the Effective Ways to Prevent Infectious Diseases?

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What are the Effective Ways to Prevent Infectious Diseases?

1. The significance of infectious disease monitoring

It is acknowledged that war and disease are the most likely causes of large-scale population decline in human history, and the catastrophe caused by infectious diseases is even more devastating. For example, in the Middle Ages, the Black Death in Europe, known as one of the darkest and deadliest plagues in human history, resulted in 75 million deaths worldwide, of which 50 million people died in Europe, accounting for one third of the total population of Europe at that time, making the productivity of Europe stagnate for a long time; and the smallpox virus that Europeans brought to America caused the Indians. The genocide of aborigines, various variant influenza viruses since modern times, and serious infectious diseases such as Ebola, AIDS and SARS have also had a malignant impact on social development. Infectious disease surveillance is the responsibility entrusted by the state to entry inspection and quarantine agencies, and is one of the contents of frontier health and quarantine work. It investigates and studies epidemiology, serology, etiology, clinical symptoms and other related factors affecting human health in specific environment and population, predicts the occurrence, development and Epidemic Law of infectious diseases, and takes necessary preventive and control measures. Infectious disease surveillance can effectively prevent the introduction and outflow of infectious diseases and protect human health. Since the founding of New China, China has been constantly improving the disease prevention and control system, and building a sound system of infectious disease surveillance and reporting. By constantly updating and improving technical means, we can grasp the dynamic distribution of infectious diseases, and formulate strategies for prevention and control. In the course of several decades of pilot and exploration, we can protect the national physical and mental health and promote it. Social stability and benign development have played an important role. In recent years, with the integration of the global economy, the increasingly frequent flow of people, environmental pollution and other reasons, the situation of malignant infectious diseases has become increasingly complex, some infectious diseases have resurged, and the occurrence and import risks of new infectious diseases have been increasing. This has put forward higher requirements for the prevention and control of infectious diseases in China, and the monitoring of infectious diseases needs.

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2. Surveillance of two major types of infectious diseases

2.1 Influenza surveillance

In the process of surveillance, first of all, we should have a holistic assessment of the viral intensity, locate and analyze the viral strains, then select the appropriate vaccine strains, share information with other national centers of disease, even medical and health control, or screen anti-influenza vaccines through WHO platform to keep track of the viral mutation. The law of virus development and mutation will make time for CDC and ARC to find out the antigenicity of virus, develop effective vaccine and formulate disease prevention countermeasures as soon as possible. Secondly, CDC should pay close attention to the dynamic situation of influenza epidemic, ensure the reliability and instantaneity of epidemic information, so as to make vaccines and antiviral drugs have pertinence and effectiveness, and better enhance the effectiveness of influenza prevention and control.

2.2 Tuberculosis surveillance

The pathogen of tuberculosis is usually tuberculosis bacillus, which can infect human lung or lymphatic system, but may also infect other systems, with a certain degree of infectivity and fatality, so the prevention and monitoring of tuberculosis is not be ignored. As a highly infectious disease, tuberculosis can only control the complications of tuberculosis meningitis to a certain extent, and the effect of tuberculosis prevention and treatment in adults is limited because of the general susceptibility of people of all ages and the lack of effective vaccine for tuberculosis prevention and treatment.



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