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Women’s Health

Safecare offers rapid solutions for detection and/or the...

Infectious Diseases

Safecare offers quick solutions for the detection and / or...


Safecare supplies oncology rapid tests for fecal occult blood test...


The hormone human chorionic gonadotropin(better...

Government Agencies

Safecare Drugs testing is widely used by government law...

Rehabilitation & Treatment Center

Safecare provides drugs tests to many drug&alcohol rehab centers...

Workplace Drugs&Alcohol Testing

Safecare provides the complete workplace drugs&alcohol...

Occupational Testing

Drug and alcohol testing mitigates the risk of injury and ...
To make great contribution to the world Health Care by offering high quality IVD rapid tests
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Safecare Biotech(Hangzhou)Co., a booming manufacturer specializing in the R&D, production,
technical support and distribution of rapid diagnostic test devices and reagents based on
immunological biotechnology. 



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